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Tilman Riemenschneider

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Tilman Riemenschneider (c. 1460 – July 7, 1531) was a German sculptor and woodcarver active in Würzburg from 1483. He was one of the most prolific and versatile sculptors of the transition period between late Gothic and Renaissance, a master in stone and lindenwood.

Saint Barbara

(in: Tauberbischofsheim, Germany)

Virgin Annunciate

grieving women


Andrea Mantegna

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Andrea Mantegna (c. 1431September 13, 1506) was an Italian Renaissance artist. A serious student of Roman archaeology and son in law of Jacopo Bellini.

Detail from the East Wall of the Camera degli Sposi in Mantua, 1474.

a larger detail of the frescoes in the Camera degli Sposi in the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua, 1474

Work in Mantua

The Marquis Ludovico II Gonzaga of Mantua had for some time been pressing Mantegna to enter his service; and the following year, 1460 Mantegna was appointed court artist. He resided at first from time to time at Goito, but, from December 1466 onwards, he moved with his family to Mantua. His engagement was for a salary of 75 lire a month, a sum so large for that period as to mark conspicuously the high regard in which his art was held. He was in fact the first painter of any eminence ever domiciled in Mantua.

His Mantuan masterpieces were painted in the apartment of the Castle of the city, today known as Camera degli Sposi (literally, “Wedding Chamber”): a series of full compositions in fresco including various portraits of the Gonzaga family and some figures of genii. (Source: Wikipedia)

Fra Angelico

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Fra Angelico (c. 1395 – February 18, 1455), born Guido di Pietro, was an Early Italian Renaissance painter, referred to in Vasari‘s Lives of the Artists as having “a rare and perfect talent”.

Fra Angelico – Annunciation

Saint Lawrence Receives the Treasures of the Church (1447), in the Vatican, incorporates the expensive pigments, gold leaf and elaborate design typical of Vatican commissions.

Annunciation, Museo San Marco, Florence

Alesso Baldovinetti

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Alesso Baldovinetti

from Wikipedia

Portrait of a Lady in Yellow, 1400s, The National Gallery of Art, London.

Portrait of a Lady in Yellow, 1400s, The National Gallery of Art, London.

Annunciation (1447) Tempera on wood, 167 x 137 cm Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence.

Annunciation (1447) Tempera on wood, 167 x 137 cm Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence.

Alesso Baldovinetti (October 14, 1427August 29, 1499) was an Italian early Renaissance painter.

Lorenzo Salimbeni

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Salimbeni, Lorenzo ,(Sanseverino Marche, 1374-1400/20), Italian, Marche region

The Salimbeni brothers, Lorenzo and Jacopo, were painters of so called Italian Court Gothic style. They lived and worked in the Marche region.




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Pisanello (c. 1395 – probably 1455), known professionally as Antonio di Puccio Pisano or Antonio di Puccio da Cereto, also erroneously called Vittore Pisano by Giorgio Vasari, was one of the most distinguished painters of the early Italian Renaissance and Quattrocento.